Create Your Space

Daydream Pictures
3 min readMar 29, 2021


I take great pride in my creative space. It is my cockpit for flying to distant lands of imagination. It is constantly adapting to suit my creative needs but the essentials stay the same. These tools that I surround myself with not only help me to create, they inspire me to begin creating. So I thought I would share the lessons I have learnt in space creating — perhaps to inspire you.

Like people, spaces are unique. So, what works for me may not work for you. Start with the function, after all this is a practical space. You are building your bliss station, this is for you and no one else. You need the essential tools, whether it is a computer or paint brushes, you can’t create with them when they are stuck in a drawer. Surround yourself with the tools and place no barriers between you and them.

Separate your space. I find myself all too often on the computer, a place where my ideas are often realised. But it is important to unplug. I have two halves to my desk — one for digital and one for analogue. I love to have the freedom to disconnect from the world and connect with what is important to me. I have switched from a digital calendar to a paper diary that organises my thoughts and a collection of notebooks where my ideas are born — all with no distraction from a rogue notification. It is also handy for when scripts sprawl across my desk or I need to whip out the typewriter. The analogue process feels more like play than work.

Your space must satisfy all your senses and I have found this a guiding principle when designing my space. You need just the right light. We want to avoid the fluorescent glow of supermarket aisles, they don’t make you feel great right? Soft indoor lighting, usually achieved with lamps and incandescent bulbs, promotes a much stronger sense and wellbeing and happiness. Soft lighting and if possible natural light will optimise your creativity. A good speaker is essential to me as I constantly blast music to fuel my creativity. Create a good air flow or set up by a window. Fresh air and smelling good also promote wellbeing. Unless you want to use your natural odor to ward off unwanted guests — do this at your own risk.

Finally, surround yourself with inspiration. This is why my room aims to look like a time traveller’s curiosity cabinet. I collect what inspires me so I can’t get away from it. Everywhere I look is a new possibility. It is not always where I work, a change of scenery can be refreshing and a walk can inspire new ideas but this space is mine. When I sit down I have everything I need to create.