lifeBe The Main Character in Your Story

Daydream Pictures
2 min readApr 29, 2021

One of the greatest challenges we face as storytellers and writers is passive characters. These are the protagonists in our story that let things happen to them instead of actively seeking out their own motivations. They are stagnant and often uninteresting in the eyes of the storyteller. We love action heroes who put themselves in danger to save a loved one or the romantic lead who will do anything to get the girl. If they are not motivated by a primal desire they often aren’t the main character.

So are you a passive character in your own story? An observer to the world around you? We dream new realities, new jobs and relationships — we can all do that — but it is the main character that chases these dreams even if they find no end. We could sit and wait for events to fall into place or we can create opportunities for ourselves. We can be the master of our own destiny.

This is what a protagonist does. They have a goal and they adventure to find a result. They create opportunity for themselves. This is something I live by. I want to make a film so I put a crew together and get started. I wanted to improve my photography so I picked up the camera and got started. I wanted to progress as a filmmaker and storyteller so I applied to the NFTS, I wrote screenplays and took online courses.

We can go on life changing adventures if we leave our homes, get the dream job if we take the interview and fall in love like our own Rom-Com if we ask for that date. It is not all up to chance. We are not just the supporting characters helping someone else to their dreams. We are the main characters in our lives, our story and this is our adventure.